Lead Generation and Email Marketing for Your Small Business or Nonprofit

Lead generation and email marketing are required elements of a digital marketing strategy.

Once you are doing a great job raising your awareness and getting people to your website you are ready for them to take action. To take the next step.

Maybe you want to convert them into donors, volunteers, or members. Certainly you want to keep them engaged, to help them become advocates for your cause.

To successfully do this you will need a strong lead generation plan and a proper email marketing strategy.

Generate Leads With Optimized Landing Pages

The best way to do this effectively is to nurture your audience, identify their goals, and present them with a proper call to action when they are ready to contribute.

Your audience will be visiting your website or landing pages and coming in from various channels. They may search Google, find you on social media, or receive an email.

Your job is to ensure they are sent to the right place based on where they are in their customer journey.

You need to know:

  • What does your audience need right now?

  • What do you need from your audience to provide help them?

  • How can you make this exchange easy?

When you have thought through these items you can create proper landing pages and calls to action that work.

If you are looking for help on understanding your customer journey, creating or improve landing pages, or increasing your leads call us. Or, fill out our form, and we can create a plan together.

Grow Your Database and Engage Your Audience  with Email Marketing

Chances are good you are already using email marketing in some form within your organization. Are you doing it effectively though?

Some things to consider when evaluating how effective you are with your strategy include:

  • Are you growing your list regularly?

  • Do you send emails to segments of your list?

  • Do you have a win back campaign?

If your answer to any of these questions is no then you have room to improve your email marketing strategy.

To learn more about each of these growth opportunities give us a call, or fill out our short contact form. We would love to help.

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