Temple Israel of the Poconos Website Redesign

I am very excited to share this new website with you!

Before previewing the site there are a few items to mention.

  1. I used the new images provided primarily in the Galleries - with your direction I can add some to the pages on the site but I did not feel comfortable making assumptions about appropriate usage of the photos. Let me know exactly which gallery photos (or send additional) work on a specific page and I can add them. That said, not all pages need images. You have nice galleries to show all you do and your community events. The written content is what many visitors will want on most pages.

  2. All content with the exception of some small bits on the new home page is existing from the current site. I did adjust/correct a small number of spelling errors as I entered them here.

  3. The main photo/logo areas of the home page can easily be changed with your direction, I understand you have a new logo project underway.

  4. Once the design is approved you can purchase your Squarespace plan, the business plan, and I can then connect the Donate and Shop functionality. I can walk you through the plan choice Tom, I recommend paying a full year up front for a good discount.

  5. Ideally feedback would be provide in one batch, all sent first to you Tom and then in one request passed on to me. Sometimes that not possible, but it helps.

  6. The Shabbat Times plugin is in the footer, making it available on all pages. I was limited by the developer (chabad.org) on styling but this works on desktop and mobile. I kept the same number of weeks you show but condensed the table to fit a less tall place. While it could be added to the left of some pages, I don’t think it is warranted on the entire site, thus why I chose to move it to the consistent footer.

  7. The calendar page is set up as an image, a screenshot of the PDF for the month. The image scales down for a phone, which is good. And then a link is created to download the PDF, for printing if desired. This means that the calendar should be kept to one page in the Word/PDF form. The April calendar is a great example.

  8. Reasons for my design and development decisions:

    1. Layout - this layout is very optimized for both desktops and mobile phones (i think it is amazing on my phone), as well as scaling in between of all sizes

    2. Colors - from research I chose welcoming colors that also are used often in jewish symbols and imagery

    3. Font - the fonts for headers and content is rated one of the top legible fonts for e-devices

    4. Navigation - Primarily I kept the structure you had but did move a few items that felt out of place.

    5. Security - The site will be secure using https assuring visitors feel secure in browsing as well as donating.

    6. SEO / Findability - Page labels and URLs are optimized for search engines. I will also submit a sitemap and enable Google Analytics to help with any future enhancements that the data would suggest.

    7. Speed - The Squarespace platform allows me to create very fast loading pages, especially on mobile.


To Preview the site click the button and then enter the password: temple2019